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Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets VS Chicken Nuggets

Do you like to enjoy your favourite movies with a chicken nuggets bucket in hand? Maybe you won’t mind trying the best and tastiest alternative to that. Plant-based chicken nuggets look the same as real chicken nuggets, are vegan, and are more nutritious.

Plant-based meat has found a way into our kitchens and hearts. People are getting accustomed to plant-based meat substitutes and loving them. One of the chief ways to popularise any food product is to target in-demand recipes, and plant-based meat brands ideally follow this principle. Chicken nuggets are one of the favourite chicken products across the globe. Plant-based chicken nuggets are a vegan alternative to the same product and taste equally good.

When you consume plant-based chicken nuggets, you can be sure that you are eating food that is nutritious and healthy. Comparatively, chicken nuggets are not as healthy.

Let us now delve deep into the differences between chicken nuggets and plant-based chicken nuggets.

Difference Between Chicken Nuggets and Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets

A crucial difference between both is that: plant-based chicken nuggets are a good source of some vegan fibres absent in chicken nuggets. Regarding mineral composition, plant-based chicken nuggets contain a higher sodium percentage than meat chicken nuggets.

In reality, chicken nuggets are made of lean white meat (chicken) that is quite blunt when it comes to flavours. Contrarily, plant-based meat can soak up flavours better and ultimately tastes better with complementary dishes.

Today, various global brands sell plant-based chicken nuggets matching the protein content of real chicken nuggets. Vegan chicken nuggets contain various raw ingredients like soybean, wheat protein, and more. Peas, legumes, and fava beans are popular raw materials for the vegan meat industry. Also, plant-based or vegan chicken nuggets have lower fat content, thus proving to be a better alternative.

You can cook the prepared vegan chicken nuggets at home using cooking oil on a pan or air-fryer. Coupled with some flavours, and seasonings, they taste the same and sometimes even better than meat products. Those who felt left out for being vegan can now join the party with the best party snacks - plant-based chicken nuggets.

Wrapping It Up

With the ever-increasing demand for plant-based meat, it is evident that people like its taste and quality. The famous fast food companies are introducing vegan snacks in their portfolios - like vegan chicken nuggets that are highly popular. Alternative meat is set to become mainstream very soon.

Vegan meat brands claim to leave lower carbon footprints, which is a boon for the planet. To go vegan and help in the planet's sustainability is a significant leap toward a better future.


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