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Plant Based Meat Products

At Blue Tribe Foods, we are on a mission to protect our planet and its beautiful animals by encouraging meatless food habits. There is an urgent need today to make people more conscious of the hazards of animal meat eating. Our primary focus is to provide environment-friendly plant-based meat products to people desiring to abstain from non-vegetarian foods but who still want that yummy, meaty experience.

Our plant-based products, made from soy, lentils, legume, pea protein and other healthy and nutrient-dense foods, taste, feel, and look so amazing that people eating them will never miss eating meat anymore.

Why plant-based foods?

  • Tastes so great you will never regret giving up meat
  • Helps manage your weight better and supports weight loss
  • Provides ample amount of fibre, facilitating smooth bowel movement
  • Fortified with vitamin B12 needed for optimum health
  • Enables better sugar control
  • Gifts you better gut health and improved digestion
  • Makes you feel fuller, thus reducing cravings that make you overeat

And more…

Why choose Blue Tribe Foods

We care about your wellbeing

We are concerned about your well-being and health. Our goal is to ensure you don’t miss out on your daily requirements of all the vital nutrients

We aim to impact people positively

Science has proven that the dangers of meat eating are not imaginary. With our plant-based products, we aim to make people more aware of what they consume

We genuinely love animals and our planet

Our huge love for animals is what drives our team  to work towards eliminating animal agriculture and stopping unsustainable food habits

Why Blue Tribe Foods Plant-based products?

Mind-blowing varieties

Whether our lip-smacking plant-based chicken keema or the succulent plant-based pork pepperoni, we offer options that will brighten up your life

Offers like never-before

As a part of our animal-loving community, you are special to us, and to show our love, we pamper you with offers that are out of this world

Tastes so good, you can’t tell the difference

Our delectable and soothing products are packed with the goodness of nutrients to keep you energetic and in excellent health


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