Why are you selling meat to vegetarians???!!

Hehe peas out! We are trying to get non vegetarians to switch to plant-based meat to reduce carbon emissions and save the planet. Our products are pure vegetarian, so you know.......if someone wants to taste some without the guilt trip....

Why don't you call your product vegetable nuggets?

We call them plant-based Chicken Nuggets because it's taken us a lot of time and brain cells to get veggies to taste just like chicken. Try it and you'll see. Also, if we called them vegetable nuggets, you'd think of potatoes. Right? Right.

Why do you have to call it chicken, mutton or pork when it doesn't have chicken, mutton or pork?

We don't call it chicken, mutton or pork. We call it plant-based chicken, mutton, park because that's what it is. Taste and texture inspired by meat without the meat. Because it turns out that plants are really badass. With a touch of magic and a pinch of science they can taste like cruelty free meat.

But plants are living too, why kill plants?

Fun fact: More plants are axed to clear space for livestock to graze. If instead, we used that land to grow more food, we would probably find a solution to global hunger.

But you're made in a lab? You add chemicals, don't you?

This is not Dexter's laboratory, yes we are made in the lab but we use wholesome plant-based ingredients and mechanical processing (chemical-free) to whip up the magic you find on your platter.

Isn't all processed food bad?

Fresh food is a winner. We can't argue against that. What we are saying is this - if you must choose processed food, and very often we all have to, it's best to pick something plant-based.

So these products are for vegans and vegetarians?

Here’s the thing…we want to tempt non vegetarians to make the switch to plant-based meat so that the earth can live a little longer. But our products are for all kinds of planet-friendly foodies.

If we want the taste of chicken, why won't we eat actual chicken?

Ummm....because we'll end up adding to the global warming problem just to please our taste buds. The good news is there is a great alternative. It's probably a better variety of chicken than chicken for many reasons. It's packed with proteins, vitamins, not to mention it's really really delicious. So if you want to eat chicken, choose the kind that's sustainable for the planet?

What is Blue Tribe meat made of?

A whole lot of good stuff and none of the bad ones. No GMOs, no antibiotics, just wholesome plant-based ingredients and yeah, yeah…we’ll admit…some amount of sorcery. Our Nuggets are made of Peas and Soya, our Keema is made of Soya and Sausages are made of only Peas.

Is Blue Tribe healthy?

Blue Tribe products offer protein levels greater than or equal to their animal-based counterparts with no cholesterol, no antibiotics & no hormones. Since it’s plant-based it has a lot of fibre. So our guess is that your doctor would be a fan. It’s also healthy for the planet because raising livestock generates 14.5 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions that are very bad for the environment. So the question isn’t ‘Is Blue Tribe healthy?’. It’s if it is healthy for you and the planet. And the answer my friend, is YES, YES and YES.

What does Blue Tribe taste like?

It cooks, tastes and smells just like meat. But….it has the carbon footprint of plant-based meat. And it might just taste better because you know it’s cruelty free. Can you use it to whip up your favourite non vegetarian dishes? Absolutely. You won’t even be able to taste the difference. We are willing to bet on that actually. Most foodies who swear by Blue Tribe say that we’ve got the flavour bang on!

Why do you create plant-based products from plants that try to replicate meat?

This is the big question. We started Blue Tribe because we think that the way to combat climate change could be through what we eat. And meat eaters shouldn’t find the switch to plant-based food THAT difficult. So we tried and we tried and we finally figured out how to get plants to taste like meat. Voila! Now it’s easy to make a small switch that can have life-altering impact on planet Blue. We’re talking positive impact on human health, limiting climate change, ensuring the well-being of animals around the world. Our Plant-based meat ingredients are sourced from sustainable sources. We want to lead with compassion and change the way the world eats meat.

Blue Tribe products look like meat, is it really vegan?

Yes. 100% vegan.

Are Blue Tribe products gluten free?

Our Keema is gluten free. Our Nuggets however, are coated with bread crumbs and therefore are not gluten free.

Are Blue Tribe products suitable for Jains?

Currently only our Keema is suitable for Jains.

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