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Plant-Based Meat: Is This Sustainable Food Trend Here to Stay?

The new wave of Vegan meat is wiping across the globe, with an increasing number of people switching over to the consumption of plant-based meat every day. Many people are willing to convert their food habits for ethical and environmental reasons by prioritising vegan meat. 

Know About Plant-Based Meat

Plant-based meat refers to edibles curated to mimic or imitate animal meat. From time immemorial, consumables like tofu, and soybean were all attributed as vegan substitutes for meat, as they contain a very high protein content characteristic of animal meat. But plant-based meat is a different concept altogether. The plant-based meat products that have evolved recently imitate the nutritional constitution of animal meat and mimic the smell, taste, appearance, and texture of animal meat products. 

The core ingredients for preparing such plant-based meat products remain vegan that are derived from 100 percent natural plant products, such as lentils, legumes, quinoa, seitan (wheat gluten), or other pulses and peas. Coconut oil is also widely used for preparing plant-based meat products.

How Healthy is Vegan Meat?

Now, there may be an obvious question - is this stuff healthy? Of course, Yes. Research and subsequent studies have depicted that plant-based meat is healthy enough to be part of your everyday diet. From a fantastic taste to incredible flavors, plant-based meat products are a hub of nutrients. Apart from macronutrients like protein, they are also an essential source of iron, fiber, and folate, which are great for overall health. 

They even score above real animal meat; for example, vegan meat has less saturated fat than red meat (beef or mutton). So, they can be freely consumed by anyone with lifestyle disorders, such as obesity or disrupted lipid profile. The low-calorie content of plant-based meat is also a boon. Plant-based vegan meat is exclusively designed to replicate every aspect of animal meat - right from taste and nutritional content to even the aroma and texture.

What is the Hype All About?

Let us now come to the million-dollar discussion - Is this hype even worth it? There is a significant hype and fascination about vegan meat worldwide, mainly in the United States. Many people are considering this as a way to manifest their love towards the planet and its living creatures. The hype is justified to some extent. In today’s world, the animal husbandry industry leads to the creation of many toxic waste products like ozone-depleting substances. This source of pollution can be eliminated if we switch over to the plant-based meat option. 

Plant-based meat is an excellent alternative to animal meat for many people who cannot consume animal meat due to various physiological problems. Several people are allergic to animal meat, while few face severe gut problems with their consumption. Vegan meat can help one steer away from such severe ailments while helping them relish the taste of meat and its goodness. From fries to burgers, vegan meat can bring a smile to your lips. Many people willingly convert themselves to vegan meat eaters because they feel empathy for animals. 

Plant-based meat is infused with almost all the goodness you would expect from animal meat. In the culinary world, Plant-based meat has escalated by leaps and bounds. Restaurants have options for plant-based meat products now. They have opened up sections where exclusive vegan meat platters are served. 

Many instant food products, such as vegan meat patties and vegan meat fries, have also crept into the market. The best part is that vegan meat has not remained confined only to traditional dishes. With such enormous popularity, it has now shown up almost everywhere. Even kids like to taste something new, innovative, and out of the box as their meal, and what can be better if that is infused with nutrients, healthy for the body. 

Final Words

Plant-based meat or vegan meat can be a good option for a day off from animal meat. It is also an amazing alternative for vegetarians who are deprived of certain nutrients because of the unavailability of animal meat. The consumption of vegan meat can get along parallelly with that of animal meat to create a hybrid heterogeneous system that will be sustainable in the long run.


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