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You’re already a winner if you feel closer to nature but we’ve come up with an exciting contest with Anushka and Virat to reward any little effort you’re making towards our home, our planet blue. There’s a little something for not one but 18 winners in this contest because you can’t tell the difference, but the planet can. :)


Tell us you care about the planet without telling us ‘You care about the Planet’.

What will you win?

Top 15 winners become true Blue-vengers and enjoy a host of benefits (T&C apply)

Top 3 winners become Blue-vengers and get personalised hampers from Virat & Anushka (T&C apply)

What benefits does a Blue-venger get?

  • Blue Tribe Fam merchandise
  • Discounts/entry to events where Blue Tribe is present globally (T&C apply)
  • Special Tastings with Chefs in the city/restaurant launch events (T&C apply)
  • Be the first one to taste all our new plant-based meat products
  • Special monthly discount codes that directly reach your email monthly

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