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Winner Winner Vegan - Chicken Dinner

Blue Tribe Foods specializes in making plant-based meat products and has always been concerned about the blue earth, its inhabitants, and the tigers, orangutans, koalas, and other lovely animals that are losing their natural environment to cultivation. It recently won PETA India’s 2022 Vegan Food award for its tasty, meat-free, plant-based chicken nuggets. The award is a great motivator for the Blue Tribe team, which genuinely cares about our planet and its animals.

Tasty And Healthy Plant-based Meat Products

Blue Tribe uses only natural, wholesome ingredients to create its plant-based meats. Their protein-rich foods, which range from pork sausages to chicken patties, taste great and are rich in fibre and nutrients like iron and vitamin B12. Foods from Blue Tribe are environmentally friendly, with an emphasis on reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Blue Tribe Foods offers meat from sustainable plant-based sources that are delicious, nutritious, and have a beneficial influence on the environment and the earth. They do this wonderful service by conducting studies and using the advancements in food science. 

For example, the Chicken nuggets from Blue Tribe that won the award are made from soya beans and peas, have a wonderful texture, are exceptionally tasty, and have zero cholesterol.

Likewise, there are many other excellent meat alternatives available for people who want to abstain from meat and go vegan or want to reduce their meat consumption to lose weight.

Blue Tribe Foods aims to keep producing more tasty and healthy meat alternatives in the coming months so that people can switch to a healthy, environmentally-friendly diet without compromising on the taste.


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