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Why is Meat Bad For You?

Since time immemorial, animal meat has been part of human food, and many of us have been consuming animal meat to get our daily protein requirements. However, in recent times, many scientific studies that have been carried out show that animal meat is linked to several health issues. These discoveries have raised a lot of concern among people for whom meat has been part of their daily diet. To find out if meat is bad for you, let us dive a little deeper and understand why meat is being considered unhealthy.

How can animal meat or chicken harm your body?

According to several scientific studies, higher meat consumption is directly linked with increased chances of stroke, cardiac arrest, and several other cardiac diseases. Even the World Health Organization says that there is direct evidence of a linkage between these diseases and the consumption of red meat and processed meat products.

Animal protein, such as poultry or red meat, has complex protein structures that are difficult to break down. Moreover, animal eating is often the host for several disease-causing protozoans, which can grow as parasites on the body, harming our physiological system. For example - tapeworm infection is caused by the over-consumption of unhygienic pork.

What do studies say about chicken?

Many people ask, is eating chicken bad for you? The answer is - eating chicken is not as dangerous as eating red meat. But, over-consumption of processed poultry meat can cause issues like diverticular disease, gall bladder stones, and colon polyps. Regular consumption of chicken is also harmful to people with diabetes.

So Why Should You Consider Plant Meat Over Animal Meat?

In a daily diet of 2000 calories (standard calorie need for most people with moderately sedentary lifestyles), the required protein portion is 50 grams. This protein need not come solely from animal protein. As regular consumption of animal meat is bad for you, you need to try out several plant proteins, which are good protein sources.

Beans, legumes, soybeans, tofu, and various plant meat products are ideal for giving your body the protein it needs. You can try out meatless diets at least twice a week while trying to reduce the consumption of animal meat. Plant meat is better than animal meat in several ways. It is sourced from vegan ingredients like soybean and tofu and gives your body the necessary amino acids it requires.

Plant meat is easy to digest since the proteins in plant products are less complex than animal meat. Moreover, vegan meat tastes incredible and is highly versatile. One can create innumerable delicious recipes with it. Besides, plant meats also help with body detoxification and keep your gut healthy.

With all these priceless benefits, plant meat is a great alternative to keep yourself healthy and fit. Clearly, consuming plant-based meat products would be a better choice than animal meat.


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