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Savour the Flavour of Plant-based Meat at the Finest Restaurants in Mumbai

If you had asked me a few years ago what are the best plant-based eateries, We would hardly be able to name any. But with the passage of time, people have grown more environmentally conscious and are looking for ways to include plant-based diets in their lifestyles.

With this shift in people's' choices, restaurants nationwide have included plant-based food options in their menus - whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

But do you know the best part of these menus?

It is the plant-based meat options they have on their menus.

Yes, you read that right!

Now, you can get the same taste and flavour without the guilt of eating meat with plantbased meat options at some of the finest restaurants in India.

And don't worry, your favourite city Mumbai is no longer behind! Besides its glamour and glitz, the city, famous for its food, is now joining the bandwagon of top global cities to include plant-based meat for all conscious foodies.

Want to explore the top restaurants that serve delectable plant-based meat food options on their menus? Then, read about these 13 amazing places to get Blue Tribe’s plant-based meat, Mumbai.

Discover The Plant-Based Meat Marvels in Mumbai

Immerse yourself in the delightful cuisines with these top-notch 13 plant-based meat Mumbai restaurants that are pushing the boundaries of plant-based food options with Blue Tribe:

1. Taj Land's End

Location: Bandra, Mumbai

Located just a few minutes from Bandra-Kurla Complex, the 5-star hotel has dining options for every palette. The fine dining restaurants in the hotel are heaven for all the people looking for vegan meat, Mumbai. With Blue Tribe’s plant-based meat products made from soy, lentils, and legumes, you get nutrient-dense foods that feel and taste the same.

Here, you can find everything to soothe your taste buds, from aromatic Indian and Chinese to multi-cuisine dishes. The bonus of eating here is the mesmerising views of the Arabian Sea coupled with a hearty plant-based meat diet.

2. Four Seasons Mumbai

Location: Lower Parel, Mumbai

The award-winning restaurant in Four Seasons, Mumbai- San:Qi, has four separate kitchens for Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian. Try their vegan menu for plantbased dishes like Thai-Red Curry, Truffle Edamame Dumplings, and Sushi Rolls.

Moreover, you can find all the traditional Asian recipes here with a modern twist using the Blue Tribe’s plant-based meat options like sausages, pepperoni, kebabs, keema, and more.

3. ITC Maratha

Location: Andheri, Mumbai

Inspired by the Maratha dynasty, the hotel has several dining options for its guests- Peshawri, Dum Pukht, Pan-Asian, Dakshin Coastal, Peshwa Pavilion, and more. You can find a culmination of Asian meals here to sway your taste buds like never.

And when we talk about Asian cuisine, it is incomplete without Blue Tribe's plantbased Keema, Kebab, and Darjeeling momo options. If you want excellent health and an energetic body, try our plant-based meat options there.

4. Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Location: Kalina/Santacruz, Mumbai

This massive hotel boasts a fine dining experience with delectable menus and expensive decor. You can savour authentic global cuisines here with the chef's twist here with China House Restaurant, Celini, Soma, Fifty-Five East, and in-room dining.

The hotel uses Blue Tribe’s plant-based meat options in its dishes as they offer a taste exactly like real meat to people who have switched to plant-based diets. In fact, our products are made to ensure that you do not miss out on your daily nutrient requirements. So, next time you visit the Grand Hyatt, remember us!

5. Mia Cucina

Location: Powai, Mumbai

This dine-in restaurant in Mumbai is known to bring one of the best Italian cuisines in Mumbai to your tables. Here you can find the best of both worlds- vegetarian and non-vegetarian with their plant-based meat options that will kick your taste buds.

Blue Tribe's plant-based meat options provide the absolute crunch to all your Italian dishes, from pizzas, and bruschetta, to pasta. With the taste so great, you will never regret leaving meat as you feel fuller with every bite. So, try them out today with some Caesar salad or fig and feta salad here.

6. Smoke House Deli

Location: Colaba, Lower Parel, Goregaon, Bandra, BKC (Mumbai)

Smoke House Deli is widely known in Mumbai for its European dishes made with fresh and local ingredients. If you ever get the chance to visit this beautiful restaurant, do try their vegan and plant-based dishes for a wholesome experience.

When you visit the restaurant, try their plant-based crispy chicken nuggets with spicy, extra hot sauce. We have been providing them with Blue Tribe's plant-based chicken nuggets that make the whole dining experience awesome for customers by offering the same quality, taste, texture, and feel as chicken.

7. BLOOM Cafe

Location: Bandra, Mumbai

The healthy Italian food cafe is one of the favourite places for fitness buffs. With its gluten-free, keto-friendly, and vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, you can find everything to maintain your health.

It is why Blue Tribe is proud to be associated with Bloom Cafe in Mumbai. We provide them with our range of plant-based meat options, from sausages to pepperoni, as we believe your health must take centre stage.

Our products have no hormones or antibiotics and are zero cholesterol to ensure you feel fuller without compromising your overall well-being.

8. Mezcalita

Location: Churchgate, Mumbai

Are you ready to try some mouth-watering plant-based Mexican food in Mumbai? Then, the newly-opened Mezcalita is here for you! With its colourful decor, aesthetic, and expert menu, you can taste authentic Mexican food.

But here is a catch for you! Meczalita is known for its plant-based meat options that use Blue Tribe's meat made from plants in its dishes. Our plant-based options taste so great that you cannot differentiate between animal meat and plant meat even for a second.

So, whenever you crave Mexican food the next time, visit Mezcalita and taste the plant-based meat dishes!

9. Good Flippin' Burgers

Location: Cloud Kitchen and a restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai

If you crave good plant-based meat burgers, this cloud kitchen and restaurant should be your go-to spot. This restaurant offers a variety of juicy and tasty burgers loaded with onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese.

Pair them with Blue Tribe’s plant-based chicken nuggets that are crispy and delicious. They contain no hormones and provide you with a good source of protein. Once you try them, you will surely remember Blue Tribe for vegan meat, Mumbai.

10. INOX

Location: Worli, Malad, RCity in Mumbai

Are you going for a movie night at INOX, Mumbai? Then, move away from regular popcorn and explore Blue Tribe's new plant-based meat options. With our food options, you are taking a step towards an animal-friendly world and getting better health. How?

By encouraging plant-based meat options, you get the essential fibres and Vitamin B12 in your diet. Additionally, it improves your digestion and gut health. It further reduces your cravings by making you feel fuller. Choose plant-based meat options at INOX and take your movie experience a notch higher.

11. Eat Around The Corner

Location: Bandra, Mumbai

With plenty of options like plant-based chicken nuggets, plant-based chicken sausage wraps, plant-based lamb seekh wraps, and plant-based chicken burgers, this eatery is a dream come true for all plant-based diet lovers.

By using Blue Tribe’s plant-based chicken nuggets and meat options, the restaurant is successfully able to deliver the crunch and deliciousness of regular meat to its customers. These products are sure to fulfil your chicken cravings while being 100% animal free.

This European-style eatery serves mouth-watering and homemade light meals to guests. From sandwiches, burgers, entrees, and soups to salads, you will find the best snacking options here.

12. Cou Cou by Oberoi

Location: Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

For all those looking for vegan plant-based meat, Mumbai, Cou Cou by Oberoi has many options for everyone. With Blue Tribe's plant-based meat options like chicken nuggets, one can rest assured of getting the same texture and taste as the real meat.

This cosy place is also known for its salad, sandwiches, and bakery items. So, if you are near BKC, head to this place for a heavenly dining experience with good vegetarian and vegan meal options.

13. Someplace Else

Location: Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai

If you prefer to try delicious plant-based meat Mumbai, you are indeed for a treat with its Textured Proteins Bar Pizza. With the delicious toppings of Blue Tribe’s plantbased pepperoni and sausages, you get a high-protein and zero-cholesterol pizza that will make both the planet and you super happy.

After wowing the people of Kolkata with its rich experiences, Someplace Else is now open at Jio World Drive with its carefully curated food and drinks menu for the Mumbaikers. So, do try it out for plant-based options!

Summing Up

Are you ready with your list of restaurants to explore this season? Then, take a cue from our blog and try their plant-based meat options.

Once you have thoroughly tasted them, you will realise why Blue Tribe plant-based meat can be a game-changer in vegan meat, Mumbai.

We offer 100% plant meat with authentic flavours containing no hormones or antibiotics. Plus, including them in your meal ensures you get high-protein and zero cholesterol in your diet.

If you want to try them, shop on our website, and we will deliver them to your doorstep. To help you further, we also have some lip-smacking recipes you can try in your kitchen with our product. So, do check them out!


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