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Millennials, Gen Z and A Growing Appetite For Meat Alternatives.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a huge reality check. It forced us to re-think our lifestyles, our diet, our mental and physical health and even the crises facing the planet if we don’t change our ways. This nudge towards adopting healthier habits started with boosting our immune systems. Which became crucial in the fight against the deadly virus. People began to eat nutritious food, add supplements to their diet, make health & fitness a part of their routine. 

A lot of things changed in our lives and around us. Some we could argue, even for the better. During the lockdowns for instance, the air quality became better, carbon emissions were reduced albeit temporarily, skies became unusually blue freed of all the pollution and smoke, animals ventured out into the open. 

The results were there for all to see. 

Even otherwise, with increasing sensitisation, information, and awareness about rising carbon emissions, and its environmental impact causing climate change, Gen Z and millennials have actively been taking conscious steps to undo some of the damage done to the planet. In the hope of keeping the planet habitable now and in the future. 

One such major step towards environmental rejuvenation and a sustainable future is choosing plant-based meat products instead of traditional meat because meat over-consumption contributes significantly to global methane emissions. Considering such drastic effects of meat over-consumption, people have started opting for greener food items. In fact, according to GlobalData, 71% of people worldwide find plant-based claims to be more appealing than regular meat products. 

What are the questions people are asking increasingly before buying meat?

Were animals harmed in the making of this?

What is the environmental impact of growing this meat?

What is my carbon footprint if I consume this meat?

What are the ingredients that go into making Plant-based meat?

Where can I find Plant-based Chicken in India?

A growing number of celebrities, sportspersons and social media influencers in India and abroad have started enthusiastically supporting plant-based lifestyles, significantly contributing to raising awareness. 

On the other hand, in 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the WHO's cancer-centric agency, stated that processed meat like bacon and ham could cause cancer. Such crucial revelations are also an important reason behind the raging drive towards plant-based food items. 

According to experts, consumers today are aware about the inhumane treatment that animals go through just to fulfil the insatiable needs of humans. Simultaneously they are also aware that meat products are a brilliant source of protein and Vitamin B12. There is a prevailing misconception that to stay fit and strong, a non-vegetarian diet is the only solution. 

However, with the help of futuristic technology, extracting pea-protein and other nutrients from vegetables, fruits, whole grains, pulses, nuts, seeds and legumes, has become much more manageable. This is the reason why Gen Z and millennials today are increasingly opting for plant-based food items, as they can satisfy their cravings with equally delicious, nutritious and quality food that is also planet-friendly. 

You could ask, isn't all processed food bad? Well, fresh food is a clear winner. There’s no arguing against that. However, if you must choose processed food, and very often we all have to, it's best to pick something plant-based. So if you’re looking for Chicken Nuggets online, our plant-based chicken nuggets are your best bet. 

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The road ahead for plant-based meats

Several international media reports have highlighted that the plant-based food industry is estimated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.9% from 2020 to 2027. In fact, it is expected to reach close to USD 74.2 Billion by the end of 2027. The aforementioned stats clearly indicate that the future is in safe hands. It is said that plant-based meat items are becoming the new organic. With more and more people becoming acquainted with the harmful effects and over-abundant usage of animals as food consumption, this better, sustainable, greener, safer and ecological-friendly alternative will become more popular. 

Questions we get asked often:

Q. Why are you selling meat to vegetarians? 

A. Hehe peas out! We are trying to get non vegetarians to switch to plant-based meat to reduce carbon emissions and save the planet. Our products are pure vegetarian, so you know.......if someone wants to taste some without the guilt trip....

    Q. Why don't you call your product vegetable nuggets?

    A. We call them plant-based Chicken Nuggets because it's taken us a lot of time and brain cells to get veggies to taste just like chicken. Try it and you'll see. Also, if we called them vegetable nuggets, you'd think of potatoes. 

      Q. Why do you have to call it chicken when it doesn't have chicken?

      A. We don't call it chicken. We call it plant-based chicken because that's what it is. Taste and texture inspired by chicken without the chicken. 


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