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Healthy Tips to Help you start eating a vegan diet

So, you have finally decided to go vegan but need help figuring out how to get started? 

We completely understand how challenging it can be for someone who has eaten meat all their life. It is natural for anyone to feel apprehensive about abstaining from dairy foods, eggs, and animal foods since you may assume you are missing out on essential nutrients. However, toss your worries aside, for here is some good news! You will never miss out on eating meat or fall short of nutrition since you can add plant-based meat to your daily diet. Plant-based meat is made of soy, peas, and wheat combinations, making it a nutrient-dense and healthy food option.

Anyway, we have compiled these tips that will help you convert to vegan in the right way.

5 Useful tips to help you embark on your vegan journey

Don’t miss out on proteins, iron, vitamin D, and B12

When switching to a vegan diet, see that you get essential nutrients like proteins, vitamin B12, or D that your body needs daily. Thankfully, plant-based meat nutritional value matches that of meat since it is fortified with vitamin B 12 and rich in protein. Plant-based meat products are made from ingredients like soy or peas that are protein-packed. Fortified Soy and almond milk can be excellent sources of vitamin D. Dark green vegetables, pulses, and dried fruits are good sources of iron.

Consume a well-rounded diet

Having a balanced diet with diverse and healthy foods is another area to focus on while going vegan. Your plate should ideally have foods of different colours, for example, red tomatoes with lycopene, blueberries with their brain-boosting nutrients and green vegetables. Plant-based meat formulation is such that it provides most of your vital nutrients to keep you fit, energetic, and in good spirits the entire day.

Prefer whole grains; avoid refined ones

It would be a good idea to stay clear of refined foods like white bread or pasta. Instead, opt for quinoa or brown rice, which are rich in B vitamins and iron. Moreover, whole-grain foods also have fibre that keeps you full and prevents overeating.

Add healthy fats to your diet

To meet your daily requirement of healthy fats, consume nuts and seeds like walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, and flax seeds. You can easily incorporate them into foods like porridge or salads. Munch on them whenever you feel an energy slump or if you get hunger pangs. Ensure to make vegetable oils your main cooking oil.

Don’t forget Calcium

Keep your bones, teeth, and muscles in excellent health with the right amount of calcium in your vegan diet. As a vegan, you have plenty of options in the form of dairy-free tofu, vegetables like cabbage or broccoli, pulses, seeds like sesame, plus dry fruits like raisins, figs, and dried apricots.

Vegan food need not be boring

There are so many alternatives available that you will never miss eating meat or dairy your entire life. Plant-based meat products are taking the market by storm, and you will be thrilled at the options available in stores. You will be spoilt for choice with products like plant-based chicken nuggets, plant-based pork sausage, or plant-based chicken patty.

The best part is that the plant-based meat ingredients used to make these products contain all the vital nutrients needed for healthy and disease-free living. Also, you can experiment with making new dishes and trying new flavours every day.

Be part of the plant-based community

A great way to remain motivated on your vegan journey is to be part of like-minded people who enjoy their plant-based life as much as you do. Plan meet-ups with them and exchange with them your plant-based meat recipes. Sharing with them your views on animals and being part of a collective effort for sustainable living will boost your self-esteem. 

It is important to educate yourself and know the dos and don'ts of a vegan diet. Search online for blogs, books, and social media content on vegan food and share your stories to inspire others. Invite people to your home and impress them with your innovative plant-based meat recipes. Vegan dishes are part of the menu of most restaurants today. So have an amazing time going out with your vegan friends and trying new vegan dishes.


While going vegan, you need to keep reminding yourself why you took this life-changing decision. Whatever the reason, whether it is to save animals, personal health, or environmental reasons, be determined to stick to your vegan diet. 

Not everyone may accept your idea of going vegan, but you need to be sure of your decision and stick to your beliefs. Within a few months, you will discover the joys of being vegan, including savouring delightful plant-based meat products, and start enjoying your vegan lifestyle.


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