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Food items to eat during the Shravan fast

As the auspicious month of Shravan begins, it is time to embrace the essence of spirituality and gear up for the sacred fasting that lies ahead.

Are you ready to set sail on this divine journey where fasting becomes an intrinsic part of our spiritual practice?

While observing this auspicious fast that will bring you peace, happiness, and prosperity, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet. Though you have to abstain from certain foods to stay true to your religious observances, this is an opportunity to nourish your body with wholesome, Sattvic foods.

This article guides you on the foods to eat during this fasting period that ensure a healthy and fulfilling spiritual experience.

Must-have foods for the sacred Shravan period

By incorporating these wholesome and nourishing foods into your Shravan diet, you can ensure a spiritually significant and healthful observance of this holy period.

1.   Fresh fruits

Opt for a diverse range of fresh fruits like luscious bananas, crisp apples, and juicy pomegranates, brimming with fibre, essential nutrients and rejuvenating antioxidants. In addition, they also contain natural sugars that replenish your energy and keep you hydrated.

2.   Vegetables

Include a host of fresh vegetables in your diet, like the vibrant spinach, wholesome bottle gourd, refreshing cucumber, or the humble pumpkin, each offering a unique bouquet of nutrition. These nutrition-dense delights can be part of your salads, made into juices, or consumed as cooked delicacies.

3.   Whole grains

Ensure to add whole grains like millet, buckwheat, and quinoa, rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins, in addition to complex carbohydrates. These precious grains offer the energy and satiety you seek during these holy days.

4.   Sabudana

And how can we miss the beloved sabudana, the true favourite for most people, during every fasting season? Be it in the form of papad, the heavenly kheer, or the delectable vada, sabudana, with its versatility and health benefits, needs to be part of your diet.

5.   Dry fruits and seeds

No fast would be complete without including the nutty cashews, crunchy almonds and robust walnuts into your diet, all packed with healthy fats, proteins, and essential minerals. Don't forget the tiny powerhouses, like chia seeds and flaxseeds, that elevate your dishes and are perfect garnishes for your salads.

Plant-based products - Another option to include during your fast

A great food option to add to your diet during your fasting period is plant-based meat products, especially since this is a period of abstinence from meat. Apart from being a delicious and ethical alternative, they provide essential nutrients like protein, iron, and fibre, making them a sustainable and spiritually conscious choice for individuals observing this sacred month.

A quick glance at the foods to avoid during Shravan

Non-vegetarian food: As this is the time to focus on spiritual practices, avoiding the consumption of non-vegetarian food, including eggs, meat and fish, is a must.

Too much oil and spices: As you prepare your meals, remember to reduce the use of oil to the minimum. Excessive use of oil can lead to heaviness and discomfort that can dampen your fasting spirit. Also, beware of the temptation to go overboard with spices. Maintain a delicate balance to keep acidity and indigestion at bay. To savour the true essence of fasting, focus on consuming nutritious, simple food.

Onions and garlic: Bid a temporary farewell to garlic and onions during this period. These pungent foods tend to increase the heat of the body and may draw your mind away from your spiritual practices. So, gracefully let go of them to gain the full power of your fasting.

Wrapping up

The holy Shravan fasting period presents a beautiful opportunity to nourish both body and soul with a variety of wholesome and nutritious foods.

Including the right foods in your diet will be a crucial factor for a fulfilling and enriching fasting experience.

By mindfully choosing what to include in your diet during Shravan, you can embark on a profound spiritual journey filled with health, vitality, and devotion.


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