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Can Plant-Based Meat Satiate The Meat Lover's Meat Cravings?

Plant-based meat aims to transform the food supply chain in a way that works for the people and the planet. After years of scientific research, our food technologists have been able to replicate the taste, texture, smell as well as the cooking properties of the most popular varieties of commercially consumed meat products. Think minced meat, sausages, burger patty, nuggets – in chicken, mutton, pork flavours – the finest Plant-based meat in India.

If you’ve been planning to buy chicken nuggets online, you only have to read our reviews to know that it is indeed the best Plant-based chicken in India.

The technology has been developed on the back of over 2 decades of research into how to replicate animal proteins at their fundamental level using plant-based sources. 

Meat consumption in its present form is harmful to the planet (and hence to humans) for more than just ethical reasons. Be it greenhouse gas contributions, forested land which will need to be converted to pasture, zoonotic diseases or even the use of steroid and antibiotics in animals – the science against animal based meat consumption is real. 

While animal meat / dairy consumption may have been important from an evolutionary standpoint, it is extremely inefficient! We can replicate the taste and the nutrient profile of animal meat through plant-based sources. This requires a fraction of the resources of animal meat. It tastes, feels and cooks the same and is a whole lot better for the environment and for us. Not even the most discerning palettes are able to recognise plant-based alternatives from their animal-based counterparts. Most research suggests that we are able to make the difference ONLY if we are told that the product we are eating, is in fact, plant-based. 

While plant-based meat is a burgeoning market in the Western world, the Indian demand for plant-based meats is just starting off. This last year has seen a slew of companies launching the plant-based space – especially dairy. With new entrants looking to grow the category, you can be sure that plant-based meat is here to stay. And enough years in the future, we can look back at this time as the transition period when we switched to a more sustainable food supply chain and made the better choice for ourselves and the planet. 

Some questions we get asked often:

Q. But plants are living too, why kill plants? 

A. Fun fact: More plants are axed to clear space for livestock to graze. If instead, we used that land to grow more food, we would probably find a solution to global hunger. 

Q. But you're made in a lab? You add chemicals, don't you?

A. This is not Dexter's laboratory, yes we are made in the lab but we use wholesome plant-based ingredients to whip up the magic you find on your platter.

Q. Isn't all processed food bad?

A. Fresh food is a clear winner. We can't argue against that. What we are saying is this - if you must choose processed food, and very often we all have to, it's best to pick something like out plant-based chicken. Try the best chicken nuggets online, for starters.  

Q. So these products are for vegans and vegetarians? 

A. We want to tempt non vegetarians to make the switch to plant-based meat so that the earth can live a little longer. But our products are for all kinds of planet-friendly foodies.

Q. If we want the taste of chicken, why won't we eat actual chicken? 

A. Ummm....because we'll end up adding to the global warming problem just to please our taste buds. The good news is there is a great alternative. It's probably a better variety of chicken than chicken for many reasons. It's packed with proteins, vitamins, not to mention it's really really delicious. So if you want to eat chicken, choose the kind that's sustainable for the planet?


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