About US

We at Blue Tribe are on a mission
to reinvent how the world eats their meat!

We know that technology can provide meat from sustainable plant-based sources that is every bit as natural and delicious while also being gentle on the environment and the planet. We aim to build a community that is aware of the impact that the animal supply chain has on the environment and consciously chooses to replace animals from the food supply chain, once and for all. A community that makes positive changes for the health of not only itself, but of our little blue planet as a whole.

What is Plant-based meat?

Simply put, it’s meat made from plants, created for it to LOOK, TASTE, FEEL & COOK exactly like meat but without animal involvement or harm. Our scientists have been able to identify what makes meat, well, MEAT and have been successful in developing it with sources of protein, flavor and texture from plants. Our plant-based meat contains the same concentration of proteins, minerals and other nutrients that you would get from animal meat, without the cholesterol! Plant based meat products can be made with a fraction of the resources (water, land, etc.) required to make the same quantity of animal meat. It keeps the wild spaces wild, the forests in bloom, the air clean and us healthy. So go ahead and give it a try!

Why Plant-based meat?

  • 100% Animal Free

    No animals are harmed in the process of making plant-based meat.

  • Easy to Cook

    Simply cook like you normally would cook regular meat!

  • Super Delicious

    BlueTribe products offer the same amount of protein that you would get from regular meat.

  • Super Delicious

    Relish the same flavour, taste and texture that you would from regular meat.

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